In my recent blog, I was a little cautious in predicting Obama inspired riots this summer. Looks like things are off to an earlier start than I anticipated. The “Occupy Wall Street”¬†fad seems to be spreading across the continent like a YouTube talking cat video. College radicals, anarchists, Marxists and union thugs have formed a scruffy unwashed mob demanding….. well, that’s a little muddled. They are unhappy with capitalism and the current state of affairs but seem convinced that Obama had no part in the mess. It’s the fault of banks and “Wall Street” apparently.
Unsurprisingly, Obama and his dim witted VP seem to be encouraging this rag tag, spoiled collection of losers. They seem to believe that the OWS crowd is the answer to the Tea Party. Doubtful.
Certainly the arrival of winter and nasty weather will discourage the protesters but rest assured, they will be back when the weather warms up. If the inner city minorities get into it as I expect, we could be in for a long and contentious summer. As I have suggested in the past, this might be a good time to stock up on food and ammo.
Happy Thanksgiving (Canadian). Moose hunting begins Monday. Fill the freezer and hope for the best.

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