Politicians and health bureaucrats love mandates. The “health emergency” grants them the power to boss us around. Whether it makes any sense or does any good is beside the point. They were beginning to loosen up because the people are fed up and getting a little feisty. But, here comes the new variant, Omicron. Whoopie! Time to slap on the mandates again. Did they work the first time? Not really. But, they don’t seem to have a clue what else to do and they are afraid that they will be blamed if lots of people die and they did nothing.

The driving principal of the Biden White House has been to reverse or undo anything that Trump did, even if it made perfect sense and had benefits to Americans. This is evident in everything they do from the border wall to the Keystone pipeline to taxes. Everything. That is almost certainly why they ignore therapeutics for COVID. Trump gave Joe three vaccines but he was also wisely looking for therapeutics and often widely mocked for it in the media. The Biden Administration has completely ignored therapeutics. Their only game plan is pushing vaccines, masks and mandates.

Trump was also the first president to goad the FDA to grant compassionate use for seriously ill patients. He also kicked their asses to grant emergency use authorizations for the vaccines. However, the Biden boys are letting the FDA return to their extra cautious approach and are letting some promising COVID drugs languish in regulatory purgatory while people are dying.

One of the most promising is Pfizer’s Paxlovid an antiviral that has shown 89% effectiveness in preventing hospitalizations and death. Another promising drug is Molnupiravir, also an antiviral. It, too, awaits approval.

There are a number of drugs that have been approved or are under emergency use authorization. Astra Zeneca’s Evusheld is a prophylaxis against COVID and has a 70% effectiveness in preventing hospitalizations and deaths. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida (who the left both fears and hates) long ago set up clinics all over the state to administer this and other drugs like Regeneron and monocolonal anti-bodies to any and all. That’s why they have avoided the lockdowns, closed business and schools and still avoided massive deaths.

Other treatment for the virus include: Dexamethasone for serious infections with people on ventilators; rendevsir; convalescent plasma and invermectin. They seem to be a herd of deer caught in the headlights as Omicron sweeps the nation. They are totally unprepared for the massive amount of testing now in demand and are struggling to catch up.

Biden may get lucky and Omicron may not be as serious as worried bureaucrats anticipate. Although Omicron infections now dominate at over 70% of all infections and has been found in nearly every state, there has been only one death in the US. It was a 50 year old male who was unvaccinated and had underlying heath issues. The vast majority of infections appear to be extremely mild and time will tell us if this is the end of COVID. That’s what happened with the Spanish flu. It mutated into a mild strain and faded away. Let’s pray that is what’s happening. Then Biden can boast how he cured COVID. Sure.

Editor’s note:  This is a couple weeks out of date due to personal family matters, but it’s good, so it’s worth publishing. K.

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