Here Comes Joe and Company

Despite hiding out in his basement and countless blunders suggesting declining mental abilities, Joe Biden is leading by wide margins in the polls and “battle ground states”. He might well defeat Trump to the widespread joy of liberals, Hollywood, and the press.

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For Trump’s entire term he has been bombarded by one phony scandal after another and the strictly partisan impeachment as well as the constant vitriol of cable news, nasty Nancy and snarky Schumer. They figured out how to bait him into angry responses and bombast that did little to endear him to independent voters.

And, we should not forget the Swamp, the enormous collection of lawyers, lobbyists and consultants who feed on the vast sums of money that flows through Washington. Trump promised to “drain the swamp” but the swamp creatures of all political stripes have been fighting desperately to keep the cash flowing.

Despite all that obstructive diversion, Trump was able to create a booming economy and against strong opposition, stem the tide of illegal aliens streaming across the border. Black unemployment hit record lows, he passed prison reform and increased funding for traditional black colleges. His popularity with blacks was increasing and threatening the chokehold the Democrats held on the black vote for 50 years. Trump’s reelection looked pretty likely.

Then two events changed things. First and obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the economy to a standstill. Then the murder of George Floyd provided the spark to unleash the Black Lives Matter movement with the ensuing marches and riots. No matter that the founders of BLM are Marxists! The career Republicans are running for their lives, thinking only of their own survival.

So what can we anticipate from a Joe Biden Presidency and let’s assume that the Democrats hold the House with Nasty Nancy at the helm? If Biden wins, Schumer and company might well take over the Senate. With complete control there will be wholesale changes. First of all, we should recognize that Biden will NOT be leading the charge. He will be just a figurehead and they would do just as well with a cardboard cutout. Others behind the scene will be calling the shots. Anyway, here’s my short list:

1) Biden has already let it slip that he favors a $2 trillion dollar tax increase. For an economy trying to recover from a pandemic induced recession, this is a terrible idea.

2) The Green New Deal, probably the worst idea in modern history, would be implemented. Not only does it require spending trillions of dollars, again a bad idea in a recession, it would end the energy independence achieved by Trump’s policies. Funded by the Russians and led by climate change zealots has already delayed and led to cancellations of dozens of pipelines that would deliver cheap natural gas to cities on the East Coast.

AOC’s Green New Deal would put an end to fracking, and hence, the energy independence brought about by Trump’s policies. Drilling would also be curtailed and trillions invested in solar and windmill projects instead. As in the Obama Administration much of that money would sink into the swamp. Hundreds of thousand of workers in the energy industry would lose their jobs.

Those two policies alone would be enough to stifle any recovery to the economy from the disaster of the C-19 pandemic.

3) The southern border would again be open and I would not be surprised to see the Democrats tear down Trump’s border wall. That would drive down wages and increase unemployment in an already challenging labor market as a wave of illegal immigrants rush the border for “free stuff”.

4) Say goodbye to the health care system. Democrats love free healthcare for everyone. Despite the expense and ineptitude of such systems, the Democrats will plunge boldly ahead.

5) To try to stifle an armed revolt they may try to take everyone’s guns away. It seems impossible they would be that stupid because it could trigger an armed rebellion.

The more likely approach is to try to insure their power forever. First, they would eliminate the filibuster so that the Senate could pass legislation by simple majority vote. Then despite a Constitutional prohibition, they will give DC two senators. They will permit mail in ballots universally insuring fraud to taint any election. They will pack the Supreme court with liberal justices.

With all that in place, the US will face Democrat rule forever or until the country turns into Venezuela and becomes a satellite of China. So, in less than 250 years the greatest democracy in history will be lost.

It reminds of us the famous quote by Nikita Khrushchev, long dead former head of the Russian communist party. He said, “You can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until one day they find they have communism”.

I hope the people who absolutely hate Trump will be happy with that outcome!

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